Should premarital counseling be mandatory?

Premarital counseling is receiving tremendous attention these days. Unfortunately, what some couples are seeking is legal counsel for a prenuptial agreement. While God’s instruction book has the guidelines for sustaining your marriage, man’s instruction books only have the guidelines for dissolving it.

Young, starry-eyed couples think their love boat will be smooth sailing, but they abandon ship at the first sign of rough weather. Please acknowledge that rough weather is part of the marriage journey and seek the advice of one or more people who have been there before.

In his letter to Titus Paul emphasizes the need for older men to instruct and guide young men. Like wise, older women are to show young women how to grow into godliness (Titus 2:1-7). Furthermore, God’s Word in replete with instructions to seek wisdom, both from the Bible and from godly counselors (Proverbs chapters 1-4). Wisdom will sustain not only your marriage, but also your life.

Should premarital counseling be mandatory? From your minister’s perspective, yes. He should condition his services upon your successful completion of premarital counseling. Moreover, your potential spouse should love the Lord, too, and insist on wise biblical counsel prior to exchanging vows. If your intended does not meet these two criteria, you should keep looking, because it’s better to wish you were married than to wish you weren’t.

Taken from Adrian Rogers' weekly newspaper column. Used by permission. 2001, The Commercial Appeal.