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NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH: Church Experience Package

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH: Church Experience Package


NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH is a new, full-length documentary that explores the erosion of truth in our culture, society’s wrestling match with the question Pilate asked Jesus Christ: “What is Truth?” and the thought-provoking follow-up question: “Does truth even matter?”


In 1 Timothy 3:15, the apostle Paul describes the church as “the pillar and support of the truth.”

Designed to equip and encourage churches to be strong pillars of truth in their communities, these complimentary resources from Love Worth Finding accompany the film and provide up to a month of emphasis on biblical truth in your congregation. This experience includes:

  • A special license to show the film NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH to your congregation in a group setting, perhaps in a special “regathering” event for your church.
  • A 4-week small group meeting, discussion, and prayer guide.
  • A 7-day email challenge to help individuals discover ways to live out the truth in daily life.
  • Sermon resources from Adrian Rogers to assist pastors in sermon preparation for a month of emphasis.
  • Promotional material to help communicate the program to your church, if desired.