Moon Port Pastor book

Moon Port Pastor book

Phil Kramer


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Adrian Rogers & the First Baptist Church of Merritt Island, Florida

There is a timeless, inspirational message to be found when talking about the Merritt Island years of Adrian Rogers. With a priority upon the inerrant Word of God preached in a dynamic and endearing way along with an emphasis upon personal evangelism, the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and an innovative vision for comprehensively ministering to "the whole man...physical, mental, and spiritual," contemporary readers will feel as though Adrian Rogers once again stands behind the Merritt Island pulpit, challenging them just as he challenged his congregation 60 years ago. Indeed, readers will be hard-pressed to remain uninspired and unchanged after experiencing the timeless story of the Moon Port Pastor.

Phil Kramer, Ph.D. is Lead Pastor for Crossgate Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He previously served as an Army Chaplain with the elite 75th Ranger Regiment and the 82nd Airborne Division. Phil and his wife, Shara, have five children.