Crossroads: Meeting Jesus at the Crossroads of Life Series

Adrian Rogers



Traveling down the road of life, we often don't slow down long enough to think about what happens when the journey ends. And yet, the decisions we make today determine our destiny for an eternity. Where will you decide to spend eternity? Learn how to make that all-important decision as you listen to Adrian Rogers answer the questions each of us face at the crossroads of our lives.

Messages included:
2211 - The Value of a Soul
2213 - The Final Judgment
2215 - The Days of Noah
2217 - Five Minutes After Death
2219 - The Unpardonable Sin
2221 - The Simplicity of Salvation
2222 - What Shall I Do with Jesus?

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As we update designs, the series you receive may have a different cover, but the content is the same. Thank you for understanding.