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Champions of Faith Volume 2 CD album (CDA176)

Champions of Faith Volume 2 CD album (CDA176)

Adrian Rogers

Do you want to have the power of God in your life? The pages of the Bible are filled with people whose lives display the power of God. And it is faith that makes the difference! In this powerful series taken from Hebrews 11, you will hear "by faith" describing such heroes as Abel, Abraham, and Amram. You will also be encouraged in your faith by the lives of Joshua, Jacob, and Joseph and you will learn that it is faith that honors God and God who honors faith.

Messages included:
2398 - The Blessing in a Box of Bones
2400 - Faith for the Family
2402 - Redeeming Faith
0565 - Overcoming Obstacles by Faith
2403 - Transforming Power of Faith
2406 - People God Uses
2408 - Star Wars
2410 - When Faith Seems to Fail
2413 - How to Run Like a Champion

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