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Spiritual Steel For Building Believers CD album (CDA150)

Spiritual Steel For Building Believers CD album (CDA150)

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Just as a building is only as good as its foundation when threatening weather comes, your faith needs a solid foundation when the skeptic confronts you. This eight message series by Adrian Rogers equips you with solid, yet easy to understand answers for your friends who have questions about the Christian faith. We must be equipped and ready to defend the truth and share the Good News. We need some spiritual steel!

Messages included:
1869 - Why I Believe in Jesus Christ
1848 - What Shall I Do with Christ?
1965 - No Other Way to Heaven Except Through Jesus
2006 - Simplicity of Salvation
1725 - How You Can Be Certain That the Bible Is the Word Of God
1682 - Satan's Academy Award
1866 - Can an Intellectual Believe in God?
2023 - Why Did Jesus Choose Judas?

QCDA150 (Serie en español)