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April Series: God's Amazing Grace CD Album (CDA139)

April Series: God's Amazing Grace CD Album (CDA139)

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How can we live in victory over sin? How can we overcome the guilt and fears of the past? How do we love as Christ loved? It's all about understanding God's amazing grace. In this eight message series from Adrian Rogers, a deepening of that understanding will help you live more joyously and victoriously.

Messages included:
1760 - Trophies of Grace
1762 - From Grace to Glory
1764 - Don't Be a Disgrace to Grace
1765 - This Is Your Life
1767 - Liberated Living
1768 - Abounding Victory Thru Amazing Grace
1770 - Freedom from the Performance Trap
1772 - The Dangers of Extremism

QCDA139 (Serie en español)