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Back To The Basics - volume 1 CD album (CDA137)

Back To The Basics - volume 1 CD album (CDA137)

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Which is more important—what you believe or why you believe? The answer is yes. Both are important. You see, the knowledge of God's Word stirs in each of us a passion for God's Word. And when we become passionate about the Truth of God, then we will want to know more. We will want to share it with others! If you are a new believer or one who has walked with the Lord for years, this first volume in a two-part series is for you.

Messages included:
1725 - How You Can Be Certain The Bible Is The Word Of God
1726 - How To Be Saved And Know It
1728 - How You Can Be Sure You Are Eternally Secure
1730 - How To Come Back When You're Down
1729 - Eternal Security: a Scriptural Defense
1731 - A Formula For Fellowship
1732 - How To Turn Temptations Into Triumphs
1733 - How To Have A Spirit-Filled Life
1734 - The Chemistry Of The Cross

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