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Genesis CD album, Volume 2 (CDA102)

Genesis CD album, Volume 2 (CDA102)


Adrian Rogers said, I love the Book of Genesis. Tucked away in its pages we find a marvelous picture of salvation through Jesus Christ. Wonderful spiritual gems appear in prophecy and pictures foretelling the coming Messiah and all we have in Christ." This 2-volume series is Dr. Rogers' finest study of the book he called "the seed bed for all Christian theology."

Messages included:
0755 - The Sin of Sodom
0759 - The Promise that Changed the World
0761 - A Dress Rehearsal for Calvary
0763 - Till Death Do Us Part
0765 - Bringing Back the Bride
0767 - Victory Over the Flesh
0769 - The Stairway to Heaven
0785 - The Battle You Cannot Afford to Win
0771 - Back to Bethel
0773 - Joseph: a Type of Christ
0775 - Discover Your Destiny
0777 - When Everything Goes Wrong
0779 - The Anatomy of Salvation
0781 - Dying Grace
0783 - A Box of Bones