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Genesis CD album, Volume 1 (CDA101)

Genesis CD album, Volume 1 (CDA101)


Adrian Rogers said, I love the Book of Genesis. Tucked away in its pages we find a marvelous picture of salvation through Jesus Christ. Wonderful spiritual gems appear in prophecy and pictures foretelling the coming Messiah and all we have in Christ." This 2-volume series is Dr. Rogers' finest study of the book he called "the seed bed for all Christian theology."

Messages included:
0723 - The God of Creation
0725 - The World in a Week
0729 - Image or Imagination
0731 - The Rest of Your Life
0733 - How to Function with Unction
0735 - The Tale of Two Trees
0737 - Wedding Bells in Eden
0739 - The Evolution of a Sin
0741 - The Guilty Pair
0743 - The Blood Atonement
0747 - The Rapture of the Church
0745 - Captain Noah and the Good Ship Grace
0748 - The Rise and Fall of Babylon
0749 - What to Do When Faith Faulters