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Adrianisms: The Collected Wit & Wisdom Of Adrian Rogers (B126)

Adrianisms: The Collected Wit & Wisdom Of Adrian Rogers (B126)


"What's down in the well comes up in the bucket."
"We need to be humbly grateful, not grumbly hateful."
"We ought to be living as if Jesus died yesterday, rose this morning,
and is coming back this afternoon."

If you’ve ever heard a message by Adrian Rogers, then you are keenly aware of his quick wit and exceptional wisdom. But neither his wit nor his wisdom ever overpowered the message of the Gospel; rather, it complemented it. They were a tool—a gift—he used to effectively tell others of Jesus, to break down barriers, to bring the point from an intellection level to a personal one, and to diffuse even the most antagonistic arguments. Over the years they have become identifiable with, almost inseparable from, him. They have become “Adrianisms.” 

This paperback combines the discontinued volumes 1 & 2 and adds a new chapter titled "Adages & Axioms"; a total of 920 Adrianisms.