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Tapestry: Hope & Healing (B122)

Tapestry: Hope & Healing (B122)


The devil wants to blow out the light of hope in your heart, in your mind. He tells you you're too sick. He tells you you're too bad or the situation is too desperate. He wants to blow out every light of hope. -Adrian Rogers

Can you think of anything more needed today? Hurts and heartaches, disappointments and discouragement, failures and frailty-these things affect us all.Are you going through a difficult season? In this leather-bound journal, Adrian Rogers takes you through 90 days of an in-depth look at the trials, tribulation, pain and suffering all of us will experience at some time in life. Each two-page entry gives you words of wisdom and insight from Dr. Rogers with ample room for you to make notes and if desired, express your own thoughts and inquiries to the Lord. This journal will be a source of "Hope and Healing"-for yourself or a loved one.

Christians are not immune to trials, tribulation, pain and suffering. Yes, we can look to the day when this fallen world will be redeemed and we can long for ultimate healing in eternity with Christ. But in the mean time, just walking through this world each day may leave us battered and bruised, weary and wounded. Is this the best we can hope for in this life? Not according to God's Word. Jesus said He came that we might experience life abundantly. His sacrificial death made way for us to enter into the joys of a relationship with our Creator-and that means not just in eternity, but in the here and now.

As Adrian Rogers pointed out, God cares about our happiness, holiness and healthiness in this lifetime. He created us as complex beings and He knows precisely what kind of healing we need-whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual; even relational and national. Applying God's Word to these pertinent areas, Pastor Rogers presented many messages aimed at helping us realize the complete healing that is ours through Jesus Christ. These poignant lessons became the basis for this second edition of Tapestry.

No matter what you're struggling with or what you might face in the future, these studies can help you yield your life to the Great Physician's care and learn how to take steps to further the healing process. Fear, loneliness, depression; bitterness, guilt, brokenness; sickness, sorrow, insecurity-so many things can plague us, even incapacitate us. But God has made a way for us to exchange our weakness for His strength and overcome what daily assails us in this sin-cursed world. May your faith be renewed, your hope restored and the fabric of your life repaired and reinforced as you take in these truths and experience the Savior's healing touch.