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The Power of His Presence Book (B103)

The Power of His Presence Book (B103)

by Adrian Rogers

As Christians we are temples of the living God, but we don't usually think about ourselves in this way. This book is aimed at helping you integrate this grand truth into your life and enjoy your true identity in Christ.

This book is a rich feast for the hungry soul. If Christians understood the profound truth that we are God's templeHis very dwelling-placesurely our lives would be different. Adrian Rogers has unfolded this truth with straightforward, practical, biblical wisdom. ---JM

To read The Power of His Presence with an open mind and obedient heart will transform the life and bless the home, the church, and the world. Adrian Rogers expounds the message of the power of God's presence with truth, clarity, and passion. ---SFO

Adrian Rogers brings inspiring clarity to one of the most profound but neglected truths of God's Word --- God's indwelling presence. This book is must reading for any believer. ---BB