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Possessing Your Possessions on Flash Drive (USB114)

Possessing Your Possessions on Flash Drive (USB114)

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The Bible says that we should always triumph in the Lord Jesus Christ. While the Bible admits the possibility of failure, it never assumes the necessity of failure. This 12-message series takes you on an exciting journey with Joshua that will teach you to be an overcomer. The journey with Joshua illustrates how to have the victory that our Lord wants us to have and to enjoy maximum living in Christ Jesus.

This is a flash drive that fits the USB port on a PC or Mac.  The audio files can be moved, copied, or burned to your own CD. 

Messages included:
0441 - Possessing Your Possessions
0443 - A Call To Conquest
0445 - Transforming Power Of The Gospel
0446 - The Scarlet Thread Through The Bible
0447 - The Day Of Miracles
0449 - The Triumph Of Faith
0451 - The Sin That Lost the War
0453 - The Valley Of Decision
0455 - The Day The Sun Stood Still
0459 - Give Me This Mountain
0461 - Christ, Our Refuge
0463 - Maximum Living