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Live Like A King CD album (CDA202)

Live Like A King CD album (CDA202)

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If you’re a believer, victory is not something to strive for. It’s something you live in—today and every day through the power of Christ living in you. The life of King David provides rich examples of how God gives victory to the Christian. In this sweeping series of messages from David’s life, Adrian Rogers offers living illustrations of how believers need not live beneath their station. As coheirs with Christ, they can instead live like a king in glorious victory.

Messages included:

0814    Live Like a King in Victory
0816    Don't Be Defeated by Your Victories
0818    The Formula for Friendship
0820    The Blood Covenant
0822    How to Behave in a Cave
0824    The Judas of the Old Testament
0826    Beauty and the Beast
0828    The Death of a Brilliant Fool
0830    Games That Fools Play
0838    Then Came Sin
0842    The Way Back to God
0846    Cleansing with Chastisement