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Get practical help in planning your will!

A well-planned and up-to-date estate plan is essential to provide peace of mind for your family members, effectively steward the resources God has provided you during your lifetime and reinforce your legacy of generosity in helping reach people with the biblical truth.

  • Peace — An estate plan is designed to help you provide for those you love and protect both you and your family.
  • Provision — You have spent most of your lifetime gathering assets and making plans. With an effective estate plan, you can give loved ones the property you have acquired in the right way, at the right time and at minimal cost. You can also help reach people with biblical truth beyond your lifetime with a gift in your will to Love Worth Finding.
  • Protection — In addition, a good plan will protect you in your senior years. It may be important to designate a specific person to manage your property, help doctors and other medical staff with important decisions and make certain that you are receiving the best possible care. An estate plan can increase your lifetime security and also achieve your goals for family and charity.

Complimentary professional help in planning your will and estate plan

Love Worth Finding partners with Barnabas Foundation to offer you complimentary, confidential estate planning services and assistance with complex gifts. Barnabas Foundation’s experienced, professional representatives have helped thousands of Christians across the country since 1976. Whether you are creating your first will or reviewing your existing estate plans, Barnabas Foundation can help you meet your unique needs, eliminate unnecessary taxes, provide for you and your family and leave a legacy of generosity that reflects your values.

To learn more about Barnabas Foundation and to schedule an appointment, contact Bob Dawkins or Sam Cox by calling 800-274-5683 or send an email to [email protected].

7 reasons to review your will

‍Your will is an important and powerful document. Through it you proactively care for the needs of your family and loved ones, determine the next stewards of your God-given resources and make gifts to reach people with the truth of God’s Word beyond your lifetime.

Conversely, a non-existent or outdated will leaves your loved ones vulnerable to uncertainty, chaos, wasted time and needless expenses. You also miss out on the opportunity to reinforce your legacy of generosity in supporting Kingdom work.

There are seven common reasons that warrant an update to a will, trust or other estate planning documents. Request 7 Reasons to Review Your Will for a questionnaire to determine if any of these reasons apply to you.

How to give to Love Worth Finding in your will

Thank you for considering a gift to Love Worth Finding in your will. By doing so you will model to your loved ones a steadfast commitment to stewardship of the resources God has entrusted you with during your lifetime. In addition, you will help reach people with the Gospel through the teaching of Pastor Adrian Rogers.

Request How to Give to Love Worth Finding in Your Will for the information that you need to include in your will or trust documents.

Download Leaving Your Legacy to help you get started

In partnership with Barnabas Foundation, we have created Leaving Your Legacy, a guide to help you establish a legacy of lasting influence while providing for your family through an estate plan based on biblical principles and values.

‍Leaving Your Legacy includes the following and more:

  • Determining the values that will define your legacy
  • 7 steps to using your will for legacy giving and Kingdom impact
  • A step-by-step guide for preparing the information for your estate plan

Request Leaving Your Legacy to help you get started on the development of a plan to give your family peace of mind and establish a lasting legacy of generosity and Kingdom impact.