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Karla's Eyes

What does real love look like? Find out through the eyes of Karla Eilert, who left a message of hope, love, and truth to the world before she died.

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Points to Ponder

The End of the Year is Approaching

As we approach the celebration of our Savior’s birth, we at Love Worth Finding are reflecting on a year of tremendous ministry impact.

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Does Karla Eilert’s story inspire you to be more intentional about sharing your faith? Check out the tips and resources available from Love Worth Finding at lwf.org/share-your-faith!

A New Release for the New Year

Good Morning, Lord Devotional

Are you searching for a new devotional for the new Year? Say “Good Morning, Lord” every day in 2022 with this new book of beautifully crafted devotions from trusted pastor, author, and teacher Adrian Rogers.

Pastor Rogers would, of course, point you to Scripture first—to time alone studying God’s Word, listening for His voice, and meditating on His instructions. He would point you to prayer—deep communion with your Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. He would point you to praise—giving glory to the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.

So it is with humility that this little book is offered to you as an accessory to your time alone every day with God. Get Good Morning, Lord by clicking below.

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How to Make Your Bible Come Alive

As you finish out 2021, perhaps you’re looking toward renewing your commitment to study God’s Word in 2022. Here’s a sermon from Pastor Adrian Rogers you will surely want to listen to: How to Make Your Bible Come Alive.

Pastor Rogers begins with a favorite quote, “These hath God married and no man shall part, dust on the Bible and drought in the heart.” He continues, “If you do not know, love, understand, practice, and obey the Word of God, I can tell you without stutter, stammer, or apology, you are not a victorious Christian. So we want to learn today how to study the Bible, how to make your Bible come alive, how to make it burst aflame in your hand. And what we’re going to say today is going to be taken from this wonderful Psalm, 119.”

You’ll want to listen to this entire sermon as it takes you through the virtues of God’s Word—its truth, its timelessness, and the treasures it offers—the living force of His Word, and the practical steps believers can take to appropriate His Word so that our lives are changed.

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A Christmas


Ron and Tanya Linzey, their 16 children, their son-in-law, and now their first grandchild, focus on the whole Word of God all year long. The Linzeys’ holiday season stretches from October 31, which they affectionately call “Harvest Day,” through Easter.

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