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Points to Ponder

“Then the Spirit lifted me up...”

It's been two years of unrelenting struggle in our nation and in our world and some are growing weary. Between the pandemic, rapidly escalating inflation, natural disasters, unrest at home, and war abroad, the proverbial “other shoe” may seem like it’s dropping every other day.

A 2021 Pew Research Center poll found that for a high percentage of Americans, feelings of isolation, career and financial outlooks, physical and emotional health, and general daily quality of life had all taken a negative turn in comparison with pre-2020 living.

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Explore Truth With Us

Each time we begin broadcasting a collection of messages from Adrian Rogers, Love Worth Finding aligns its online content and key featured resources around those messages to explore a specific truth about the Christian faith. During the months of May and June 2022, we will be exploring two truths.

We share Jesus as we anticipate His return. (May 1-31)

Pastor Adrian Rogers delves into end-time events. Our featured resources for this month include a brand new Bible study (available now), Living in Hope on the Edge of Eternity, and Triumph of the Lamb (Volumes 1, 2 and 3), a 30-message audio series exploring the Book of Revelation available for digital download. You can find these resources in the store at lwf.org.

We also suggest you go to our Explore Truth page for the month of May, which includes at no cost:

  • articles discussing the believer’s response to end-time prophecy

  • access to video and audio broadcasts related to Pastor Rogers’ message series,
    Living on the Edge of Eternity

  • an email challenge, 5 Facts About Jesus’ Return

  • and a Scripture writing plan, Living for Jesus in the Last Days.

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God rules over life’s storms. (June 1-July 17)

Messages for the month of June, and continuing into the first two weeks of July, are based on several biblical stories in which God uses physical storms to teach us how to grow during both the real and the metaphorical storms we face in this life. Our featured resource is a soon-to-be-published Bible study (available June 1 in the store at lwf.org), How to Weather the Storms of Life.

We also suggest you go to our Explore Truth page for the month of June (available June 1) which includes at no cost:

  • articles related to weathering life’s storms
  • access to all of the related video and audio messages from Pastor Adrian Rogers
  • a new email challenge
  • and a Scripture writing plan.
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Like Grandfather, Like Grandson


Meet Charles and Brad Beall, two volunteers at Love Worth Finding with a special relationship. Charles has been volunteering at Love Worth Finding for over 20 years, and his grandson, Brad, has begun volunteering as well.

At Love Worth Finding, we have a volunteer we might call the “Grandson of Encouragement.” His name is Brad Beall, a young man who contacted us through social media and asked
if he could come into the office each Thursday and lend a hand, or, in this case, lend an upbeat personality. Brad calls people who partner with LWF to thank them for their gifts, and to ask how he might pray for them.

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Your Gifts Help People Soar

Your partnership with Love Worth Finding is a huge encouragement to those who work for and volunteer in this ministry and a daily blessing to so many people who come to Christ and grow in their faith because of the teaching of Pastor Adrian Rogers. Please know how much you’re appreciated and how carefully we steward your gifts. Here are a couple of items to consider as you pray about your giving.


LWF is blessed to have faithful partners who include the ministry in their estate planning or utilize smart giving strategies for kingdom impact. Now that tax season is over, this is a great time to consider organizing or updating future financial plans. Love Worth Finding’s unique workbook, Leaving Your Legacy, provides you with Scriptures to consider, a section for writing your testimony, and helpful steps for developing estate plans and smart giving strategies. To get your copy, contact Bob Dawkins, CTFA, or Sam Cox at [email protected] or (800) 274-5683.


Monthly givers enable us to plan with greater knowledge as we seek to bring people to Jesus and help them grow in the faith. We’re so grateful for their faithfulness! Give monthly through:

  1. Text to (888) 364-4483 GIVE
  2. Online at engage.lwf.org/ambassadors

We take stewardship seriously. Even $10 a month can make a big difference. Join us. Reach the lost. Make disciples.

Yours With a Gift of Any Amount

Tapestry: Promises and Prophecy is yours at no cost for a gift of any amount when you give online at engage.lwf.org/newsletter or using the enclosed reply slip. This embossed, leather-bound devotional journal focuses on the Book of Revelation. Using Pastor Adrian Rogers’ five-step process, you’ll examine end-times prophecy and journal about what you’ve learned.

Five Ways You Can Encourage Others

Brad Beall’s favorite message is more than worth the listen.

Based on Acts 4:36, Five Ways You Can Encourage Others covers some of the best attributes of the believer Joses, also called Barnabas, which translates to “Son of Encouragement.”

Listen to this message and enjoy Pastor Adrian Rogers’ simple, profound description of the five ways Barnabas encouraged others:

  • Practicing stewardship

  • Extending friendship

  • Building partnerships

  • Developing leaders in the church

  • Building relationships

We can all be encouragers like Barnabas. Ask God to fan the Holy Spirit in you to meet needs, befriend lonely people, affirm the misunderstood, develop disciples, and offer second chances.

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Accept the Challenge: Grow Your Faith


This five-day challenge draws from rich messages from Pastor Adrian Rogers. Your faith will be encouraged by prophecy that declares Jesus’ certain and timely return, confirms the reality of the Rapture of all believers, and demonstrates the grace God displays in His patience.

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God reveals Himself to us in various ways. One of these ways is through His names, each of which shows us something about His character. When we learn God’s names, we learn His true character and grow in faith. Take this 21-day challenge as a first step to truly get to know God through some of His names.

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With both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, this is a great challenge for parents to grow family faith. You may be familiar with the Ten Commandments, but have you ever prayed through them? That’s what you’ll do in this 10-day challenge.

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