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Biblical Wisdom on Fear and Anxiety

Special Resources on Mental Health from LWF

Our resources are organized alphabetically by subject on our website at lwf.org/search. Simply click the box you’re most interested in, including (but not limited to) the following mental health topics:

  • Addictions & Strongholds
  • Anger & Bitterness
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Death/Grief
  • Depression & Loneliness
  • Fear
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Points to Ponder

Truth Sets Us Free

It is a difficult time. Many people are genuinely fearful of the future. As Christians, you and I have the truth of God’s Word as hope.

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Try this!

Family Worship

Ten Commandments for the Home features 10 weeks of family-friendly devotional studies, 10 fun activities, a set of Ten Commandments refrigerator magnets, Ten Commandments poster art suitable for framing, 10 sermons from Pastor Adrian Rogers, and the book, “A Perfect 10 for Homes that Win.”

Our worship kits are designed to help parents and grandparents create memorable family times around God’s word as part of a strategy to put God first in the Christian home. Expect the next kit to debut this fall.

Nothing But The Truth

Truth is eroding at break-neck speeds; “my truth” is replacing actual truth. In our upside-down world, the new documentary film, “Nothing But The Truth,” stands as a pillar of reason, reminding us of the importance of objective truth. Love Worth Finding is marketing the film in partnership with the film’s producers, JohnSandersLLC.

The film is already being made available to churches for group showings. We expect to be able to release it for individual purchase in late August. Find out more about the release and how you can view the film at lwf.org/nbtt.

Take the truth a step further!

Don’t stop at watching the film. Get your small-group involved in standing up for truth by using our small-group discussion guide for a brief four-week study centered on the subjects addressed in the film. You’ll find the guide in our Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Learning. We also invite you to take the 7 Truths for Daily Living email challenge.

“Both-And” Generosity

Giving is often framed as an “either-or” scenario that pits ministry against family. We want to share more generously with kingdom causes—but what if there isn’t enough for our families?

In Scripture, generous giving is not an “either-or” choice but a “both-and” opportunity. Wealth is a gift from God to provide for both our families and Gospel-focused ministries.

Here’s what Scripture says:

  • “Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor…and come, follow Me” (Luke 18:22).
  • “If anyone does not provide for…those of his household, he has denied the faith…” (1 Timothy 5:8).

In the first instance, Jesus counsels the rich young ruler to value following Jesus above owning great wealth. In the second, Paul reminds believers to take care of their families. These verses are not in opposition. God blesses us as we take care of our households AND share the Gospel.

As you pray, the Lord will lead you to give to Him. If He directs you to Love Worth Finding, there are several ways you can give.


If you are considering including Love Worth Finding in your will or trust, contact Bob Dawkins, Planned Giving Officer, at 901-257-4110 or [email protected]


Monthly giving is best accomplished through:

  • Texting your gift to (888) 364-4483
  • Giving online at lwf.org/donate.
  • Mailing your gift to Love Worth Finding
    P.O. Box 38300, Memphis, TN 38183.

We take stewardship seriously. Even $10 a month can make a big difference. Join us. Reach the lost. Make disciples.

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