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April 2020

Meet Mr. C

Love Worth Finding offers a Biblical training certificate program for incarcerated believers using Dr. Adrian Rogers’ Back to the Basics series. Here’s how it works for one dedicated volunteer.

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Pastor Adrian Rogers Article

No Christian can afford to be ignorant of prophecy. I believe the shadows are lengthening, the sands of time are running low, and we stand on the threshold of the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming.

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Easter in Uruguay.

When God says go, we must go! Because of His resurrection, we have much to tell. “If Jesus never came out of the tomb, nothing really matters; but since He came out of the tomb, nothing but that matters.” —Dr. Adrian Rogers

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April Premium

Experience Easter with this four-booklet collection and you will see what drinking the cup of Gethsemane truly entailed, why the crowning of Jesus with thorns only gets half a verse of recognition, discover the light shed by Roman history onto overlooked elements of Christ’s death, and learn the difference between the leadership of Christ and other human rulers.

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Church at Home

We've created timely messages that are easily shareable & available for you & your church.

Do you need an option for worshipping at home? We can help!

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