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Meet Mihail and Emanuela Geabou

LWF Ministry Partners Mihail and Emanuela Geabou

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Wherever He Leads, I'll Go

A Sermon That's Always in Season

As Christians, we have been sent on a mission to share the Gospel anywhere and everywhere God calls us to go. Where is anywhere and everywhere for you? Have you ever said in your heart, "Wherever He leads, I'll go"?

“We should be able to say this and mean it, without fear or hesitation,” says Pastor Adrian Rogers.

God has a plan for us and God will use us if we will let Him. How can we know where God wants us to go? First, we must perceive the call of God by listening to what God has to say to us through prayer, through the Holy Spirit and through other believers. “We must get rid of our selfishness, our pride and our ambitions, and be ready to be filled by God,” Pastor Rogers says, “And what God fills, He uses.”

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Points to Ponder

The Great Commission…Always In Season

We’re all in the same race to glory. Let’s grasp the baton, run with all the strength the Lord gives us, and extend the Gospel—together—as far as we can reach.

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Coming Soon!

Love Worth Finding is planning some exciting new programming in the next 12 months. Here are just a few of those initiatives.

Family Worship —Families in 2021 are in desperate need of spiritual nutrition. Today’s busy families, many of whom have been quarantined or are cocooning more than ever in pandemic mode, hunger for family worship opportunities. This project is designed to supplement regular church attendance with foundational Bible studies and meaningful experiences the whole family can undertake together. Our first Family Worship Kit, “The Ten Commandments for the Home” is set to launch in May 2021.

Conversations that Matter—Many will remember that LWF began this series of online programs in response to the isolation people were feeling at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have reimagined this important ministry for 2021 as a way to use commonly asked questions to introduce and explain Love Worth Finding’s primary discipleship initiative, “What Every Christian Ought to Know.”

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Nothing But The Truth—God has presented LWF with an unanticipated opportunity to participate with trusted partners in the national release of the documentary film, “Nothing But The Truth,” which prominently features the teaching of Pastor Adrian Rogers. This film speaks into the confusion of our world with biblical clarity in a winsome way. Our ministry has committed $300,000 to assist with the film’s launch. We’d love it if God prompted you to come alongside us in this effort, especially as the end of our fiscal year is an important time of financial accountability. We want to remain faithful to ALL that God has called us to accomplish.

Of Lemonade and Living Water

The Ruszczynski sisters offer refreshments and collect gifts for LWF at the family’s “Free Evangelical Rummage.”

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Try This!

Looking for something to help you live out The Great Commission with friends and neighbors? “Why the Cross?” is an intimate conversation with Pastor Adrian Rogers. This 43-minute video presentation was filmed during a small-group Bible study before Pastor Rogers went to be with the Lord. It has never been aired before. You can find it at lwf.org, on YouTube and on Facebook beginning at 7 p.m. Friday, April 2, 2021. Why not invite a friend to view it with you, or set up a video party?

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Your Gifts Matter!

Love Worth Finding relies mostly on “sustained” monthly giving to accomplish its mission to bring people to Jesus Christ and mature them in the faith. Fiscal year-end is a great time to get in on monthly giving because you can visualize your impact in the coming year as you look at the exciting projects on the way.

Monthly giving is best accomplished through:

  • Texting your gift to (888) 364-4483
  • Giving online at lwf.org/donate.
  • Mailing your gift to Love Worth Finding
    P.O. Box 38300, Memphis, TN 38183.

We take stewardship seriously. Even $10 a month can make a big difference. Join us. Reach the lost. Make disciples. Run the race…until Christ returns!

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