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License Summary

1)    LWF has made arrangements with the Film Partners to grant this special, limited license for the use of Nothing But The Truth – The Church Experience at no cost to the Licensee subject to this agreement and terms. 

2)    Love Worth Finding requests that the Licensee consider a love offering to LWF to help cover the costs of the film and continued production of ministry materials. Love offerings can be sent to Love Worth Finding by: 

Mail – Love Worth Ministries, Inc., PO Box 38300, Memphis, TN 38183. Please indicate Nothing But The Truth Love Offering on the check. 

Phone - call 800-274-5683. Our Ministry Services team will be honored to help you. 

Online – visit to make your gift to Love Worth Finding.

3)    The Licensee is granted the non-exclusive right for a Term of one year to exhibit the Film at the Licensee's Premises for an unlimited number of showings. 

4)    The intent of this license is for churches, or other Christian groups, to be able to exhibit the film in a local, congregational setting. 

5)    Except for a free-will love offering on behalf of LWF, no charges shall be made, directly or indirectly, for the screening of the Film or admission to the whole of the Licensed Premises.   

6)    No cutting, editing, alteration, or adaptation of the Film shall be permitted. 

7)    Nothing in this License Agreement shall be construed as a license to copy the Film, to issue copies of the Film to the public, to rent or lend the Film to the public, to communicate the Film to the public (including without limitation by way of broadcast or making available by electronic transmission), or to perform, show or play the Film in public other than in accordance with the terms of License Agreement. 

Read the full agreement here, then click the "I Agree" button.

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