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The Wake-Up Call March 11, 2015

" Romans 13:11-14(Program 2082DVD, Airing on 8-15) INTRODUCTION We need to wake-up: the enemy is upon us. Romans 13:11-14 America today is in a moral free-fall. THE WAKE-UP CALL It's late in the age. Romans 13:12 It's late in our li...

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The Final Judgment March 11, 2015

" Revelation 20:11-15(Program 2213DVD, Airing on 10/3 & 10/10) THE SETTING DESCRIBED (Revelation 20:11) The throne The judge is Jesus Christ. John 5:22 Revelation 1:13-16 THE SUMMONS DELIVERED (Revelation 20:12-13) Who will be called ...

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Possessing Your Possessions March 11, 2015

" Numbers 13:30-31 (Program 2473DVD, Airing on 2/27) INTRODUCTION In Christ, we have all the love, patience, joy, peace, wisdom and faith that we need. Many of us live unsatisfied lives because we have never received the blessings that G...

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Challenges to the Cross March 11, 2015

" Acts 17:16-31 (Program 2013DVD, Airing on 7/10 & 7/17) INTRODUCTION In this passage of Scripture, we find the apostle Paul in the city of Athens, Greece. Paul is grieved because of the wickedness in that city, including idolatry. Hist...

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Four Lies That Ruined The World March 11, 2015

" Genesis 3:1-5 (Program 2460DVD, Airing on 8/7 & 8/14) INTRODUCTION Satan’s whole system is built on a lie. John 8:44 His motive is murder; his method is the lie. Satan is the master liar and the father of all liars. Genesis 3:1 Prover...

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What You Can Expect March 11, 2015

" Matthew 13 (Program 2425, Air date 10.30.11) YOU CAN EXPECT MANY TO REJECT THE GOSPEL Matthew 13:3-9 Some seed fell by the wayside. Matthew 13:4 The wayside was like concrete or cement. Matthew 13:19 Some seed fell on stony ground. Ma...

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How To Have Fullness Of Joy March 11, 2015

" John 15:11 (Program 2488, Air date 11.13.11) WHY IS JOY SO IMPORTANT? It is important in winning the lost to Jesus Christ. (Psalm 51:12-13) It is important in bearing life’s burdens and in living the Christian life. THE JOY OF JESU...

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The Abundant Life March 11, 2015

" John 11:25-26 (Program 2474, Air date 11.06.11) WE MUST EXERCISE FAITH IN JESUS John 11:25-26 Lazarus was a man that Jesus loved. John 11:43 God performed this miracle to make an illustration of our greater spiritual life. John 20:30-...

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