Terry and Becki Brimhall

A Taste for Evangelism

Terry and Becki Brimhall (then Becki Buckelew) were in their early twenties when they got serious about Jesus. Each had come to Him as believers at age 11, but now they were young adults dating each other and attending a service in 1980 at which Dr. Adrian Rogers had just given an invitation.

“I knew I was out of fellowship and missing out on God’s best for me,” Terry recalls. “We were sitting in the balcony, and I had to get up. I said to myself, ‘I gotta go down and get things straight”. I’m at the front talking with a counselor, and I look over, and Becki is coming down the other aisle to rededicate her life to Christ!

The Brimhalls were married in 1981. Terry had been working as a snack food distributor for four years. Becki was also in the food industry full-time with a grocery chain. Together, their energy and drive would launch Brim’s Snack Foods, which opened its first manufacturing operation in 1982 and today distributes its signature pork rinds and other snacks through grocery, dollar, and convenience stores across the country.

Brim’s snacks have become enormously popular, particularly among the value conscious consumer. As the company’s jingle says, “Life is more delicious with Brim’s Snacks.”

The statement applies to both body and soul.

Go to the company’s website at brimsnacks.com, and you’ll find an Adrian Rogers’ column presenting the plan of salvation, courtesy of Love Worth Finding, under the menu heading, Everlasting Life. Go to most independently owned, local grocery stores, convenience stores, Dollar Tree Stores, or Family Dollar Stores, and you’ll find that every bag of cheese puffs, white cheddar popcorn, pork rinds, and all other Brim’s options includes a Bible verse on the packaging. Those who have seen “Over the Hedge” and remember that magical moment when Hammy discovers the out-of-this-world crunch of cheesy puffed snacks will appreciate this: people are snapping open Brim’s bags and gaining an introduction to everlasting nutrition.

Just ask the Texas prison inmate who wrote the Brims a letter telling them he had “always hated Bible thumpers,” but read Romans 5:8 on a Brim’s snack bag and realized that “God loves me anyway.” Terry Brimhall wrote back, providing the man with more Scriptures. Amazingly, he received another letter from that same inmate who had acquired and was reading a Bible and commented, “I guess God wants me to know as much about Him as He knows about me.”

Or ask Deborah Lockard of Otis, Colorado, about the spiritual nutritional value Brim’s provides. She is part of a small group of families with children who get together weekly for dinner and Bible study.

The snack bag generated interest in Brim’s website, which helped open up a relationship with Love Worth Finding.

So let’s just put it out there: Are you brave enough to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to your Christian witness?

Do you own a business? Market a product? Have a sphere of influence?

Perhaps there are consumers, or prisoners, or children waiting to hear from you. Might you: mark your product for God’s glory, add content to your website that makes an eternal impact, or designate a company chaplain—as Brim’s does—to bless your employees and your community?

What other ideas do you have? Can Love Worth Finding come alongside you in any way?

Or, in other words, when it comes to evangelism options and your business or workplace, as Brim’s Snacks asks its customers: “What’s Your Crunch?”