Celebrating Mrs. Joyce Rogers

Here at Love Worth Finding Ministries, we would like to honor Mrs. Joyce Rogers on the occasion of her birthday by featuring some of the messages her friends & family have shared with us.  If you'd like to participate, head over to Facebook & write a birthday message for Mrs. Rogers or click on the image to add your birthday wish & read all the others who have been impacted by Mrs. Rogers' ministry.

We also want to let you know about some of the books written by Joyce Rogers, an accomplished author and speaker. Many friends have benefited from her wisdom and willingness to share her knowledge of the Word.

One friend wrote to tell us the impact Mrs. Rogers' book had on her life:

    I have been a widow for a little over a year. The walk is not easy. The emptiness is so sad. I miss my husband terribly. Only a woman who has gone through this loss could write on pages what I feel in my heart.

    Dr. Adrian Rogers blessed us for many years with his Word from God. He comforted our soul in times of health, wealth, loss, etc., whatever came our way. His wife, too, finds the words that ring true to this valley of loneliness from death in her book Grace for the Widow. I appreciate her words of comfort and truth as to times ahead. Our God is good. He makes no mistakes. He supplies words of wisdom for those that will reach out and take them. I am indebted to Mrs. Rogers.

Books by Joyce Rogers