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Daily Devotions

Is God not enough? November 11, 2019

The devil says, “Well, he only serves you because of those good things you’ve done for him. You’ve bought him off with blessings.” God says, “No, he just loves me for who I am, not because of the blessings I’ve given him.” The presence of G...

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Are you on the run? November 7, 2019

We must pull back the mask of darkness from the devil’s ploys and expose them for what they are and see the things that count in eternity. God has given you a sound mind by trusting in His Word, not in the devil’s schemes....

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Are You Making Excuses? November 4, 2019

When God gives a clear command from His Word, we are not to parade it past the judgment bar of our human wisdom. We are to obey whether we understand it or agree with it. It is either God’s Word or it is not....

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