Love Worth Finding invites you to experience with us what is truly “the MOST wonderful time of the year” for the Christian, the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This year, we've brought back what may be familiar to you from last year. Scroll down this page to find a Scripture Writing Plan and some new content on Easter for you to read!

Why the Cross?

“Jesus lived in the shadow of the cross. He knew from His youth that He was born to die. And die He did—for all of mankind to be saved.” –Pastor Adrian Rogers

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Voices of Easter

Nine characters present monologues describing their experiences the week Jesus died and rose again.

These “voices” offer imaginary accounts, but with the rock-solid Biblical truth you’ve come to expect from Love Worth Finding.

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The Road to Calvary

Love Worth Finding offers this 12-day email series of devotionals as an Easter advent challenge. Devotions are drawn from sermons delivered by Pastor Adrian Rogers and are designed to enable us to go deeper in our understanding of Jesus’ unfathomable sacrifice on the Hill of Golgotha. Plan to spend some time each day thinking about the price He paid for salvation.

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The Passion of Christ and the Purpose of Life Book

In this book, Adrian Rogers explains that because of Christ's death, we can now have life! For those who desire a deeper understanding of the cross or long for the purpose it will bring to their lives, The Passion of Christ and the Purpose of Life contains a powerful message of hope.

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