It seems that Christmas has become more a season of worry than a season of worship.

This time of year, we focus a lot of time and attention on getting decorations up, attending Christmas parties, coming up with gift ideas, and selecting the best Christmas gifts. Children are making lengthy Christmas lists and checking them twice. Christmas shopping means surviving the latest Black Friday specials and wading through crowded malls as you desperately try to find that perfect gift. And, everywhere we turn there’s a screen or a device constantly trying to convince us that the latest and greatest gadget will make us happy.

Yet, when Christmas Day comes to an end, many are left feeling like there is still something missing.

Love Worth Finding wants to help you and your family rediscover the joy of Christmas, create new memories together, and mark some meaningful moments you’ll remember forever.

From Pastor Adrian Rogers' book A Family Christmas Treasury, Experience Christmas includes a collection of inspiring content, activities to bring your family together, and 31 daily devotions for each day of December.

Our hope is that this experience will help you and your family - from the manger in Bethlehem to the Cross of Calvary - receive a greater understanding of God's wondrous Christmas gift to us: His Son, Jesus.

Here are some great ways to experience the joy of Christmas.

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Listen to the Experience Christmas playlist as you and your family take part in these activities. You can also purchase the Experience Christmas Worship Collection as a digital download or CD to listen offline.


We've included a Calendar of Events & Activity Materials List to help you be prepared each week for the activities that are included in your daily devotionals.

Some of the planned activities are marked with a red box to indicate that they are more suited for children and some are marked with a blue box to indicate a perfect opportunity for you to share your experience with us on Facebook.

Take advantage of additional related resources for each day.


Purchase the book A Family Christmas Treasury and use it for daily reading to help focus your heart on the truths of Christmas.

Practical Ways You Can Experience the Gift of Christmas

Weekly Resources

Do You Believe that God Loves You?

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The Christmas Story: Light of the World

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How to Celebrate the Gift of Christmas

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How to Respond to Jesus this Christmas.

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How to Have More Joy and a Satisfying Life.

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What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

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Daily Resources

Download the calendar & material list with specific materials needed, kid-friendly marked activities, and opportunities to engage on Facebook.

Click on the links below to take advantage of our resources to dive deeper into the theme of the daily devotional.

Week 1: Jesus, The Steadfast Love

12/1 - Sunday - How to Love as Jesus Loved

12/2 - Monday - Christmas is Spelled L.O.V.E.

12/3 - Tuesday - Christ-Like Love

12/4 - Wednesday - Try a Little Kindness

12/5 - Thursday - How to Love and How to be Loved

12/6 - Friday - Purchase a CD or read the Learning to Love transcript

12/7 - Saturday - Jesus the Light of the World

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Week 2: Jesus, The Shining Light

12/8 - Sunday - The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible

12/9 - Monday - Jesus, the One and Only

12/10- Tuesday - Living in the Sunshine

12/11- Wednesday - Jesus the Light of the World

12/12- Thursday - His Name is Wonderful

12/13- Friday - Mary's Little Lamb

12/14- Saturday - The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible

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Week 3: Jesus, The Saving Lamb

12/15- Sunday - Purchase a copy of the booklet The Scarlet Thread of Redemption OR download a .pdf.

12/16- Monday - History's Greatest Happening

12/17- Tuesday - What if There Had Been No Easter

12/18- Wednesday - Worthy is the Lamb

12/19- Thursday - Do You Realize Jesus is Lord?

12/20- Friday - Every Christian an Evangelist

12/21- Saturday - Let's Get This Settled Right Now

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Week 5: Jesus, The Satisfying Life

12/29- Sunday - How to Have a Meaningful Quiet Time

12/30- Monday - The Unfinished Story of Christmas

12/31- Tuesday - Names of God

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