How Do I Create and Use a Cohort?

  1. On the About page of the LWF Evangelism Training course, there is a button on the right that says "Create Your Cohort or Group." Click on that to name your group. 
  2. At the top, there will be a button to invite others to the course. You can choose what role each person has in the course: learner, moderator, or teacher. 
  3. You will have the option to choose between Learn mode and Teach mode as you work through the course. In Learn mode, you can experience the course as your learners are experiencing it. In Teach mode, you can only interact with learners, so you will not see everything they are seeing.
  4. When you select "Options" as a Learner, you can view your performance and your notes.
  5. When you select "Options" as a Teacher, you can see a list of the learners in your cohort, send a message to all of your learners, view the statistics of everyone's performance for the course, and review who has completed the course and who hasn't.
  6. In each module, you can add notes just like a learner. You can also schedule parts of the course for your learners, either preventing them from working ahead or in order to give them a due date for a particular section. 
  7. You can also start your own discussions as a teacher by posting your own discussion questions in addition to what was initially offered. The prompt to post new discussion questions is only presented to teachers/moderators.

Click the button below to create an account, or sign in to one you already have, and be taken to the About page in order to create your own cohort.

Create your Cohort