20 De Enero


Hebrews 1:10: "And: You, O Lord, in the beginning you founded the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands."


No one knows the exact date of Jesus' birth, however his birth divided the whole story in AC and DC He never, as far as we know, wrote a book, and yet more books have been written about Him than any other person. He never painted a painting, nor composed poetry, nor music that we are aware of; however, He has inspired the best in music, art and poetry that the world has never known. He never had formal education, however, more schools, universities and seminars have been founded in his name than in the name of any other person who has ever lived. That is the Lord Jesus, and never has anyone else lived like the Lord Jesus Christ!


I invite you to read Hebrews1: 1-14. Marvel at his majesty! Praise your omnipotence!

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