Would You Want God to Engineer Your Problems?

“And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Exodus 33:14

Ponder This

Is a counselor someone you go to who solves your problems? No! What is the purpose of all true counseling? To bring people into the presence of God.

Israel knew the works of God, but they didn’t know the ways of God. God was bringing His people into problems—actually engineering their problems! God brought them to Mt. Moriah, a place where there was no water. And He did that, the Bible says, to prove them. All the difficulties of life are meant to bring us to God. He wanted them to find out that not only was He necessary; He was enough.

Do you know what a good counselor does? He just brings people to God. That doesn’t mean he won’t help them with their problems. But if helping with their problems is all he does and he doesn’t bring them to God, then the problem was wasted, because the purpose of all counseling and preaching is not to solve problems for people, but to bring them into God’s presence so they come to know God face to face. You allow them to have an intimate relationship with Almighty GOD where they begin to learn the ways of God and the nature of God.

A good counselor has the ways of God in his or her heart. And only those who know the ways of God make a good counselor.

Practice This

When looking for a counselor, do some research. Ask questions. Look for one who is solidly grounded in Scripture as much as educated in how our minds and emotions work. Look for one who also knows the ways of God.