Who’s to Blame? Us or Adam?

“Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned—"

Romans 5:12

Ponder This

You may read this verse and respond, “Wait a minute, that’s not fair. Why should I get in trouble because of Adam? I had absolutely nothing to do with Adam and Adam had nothing to do with me.” But you don’t really believe that. Listen, if Adam had died without children, you wouldn’t be here. In reality, Adam had a lot to do with you. And you are in the image of Adam, you have the characteristics and the tendencies and the sinful disposition of Adam that you have inherited from him.

Adam did have something to do with you, but you still may say, “It’s not fair that I should go to Hell for Adam’s sin.” Well don’t worry about that, you’ve sinned enough yourself, haven’t you? We should be grateful that God deals with one man because, not only was it fair, but it was also wise and gracious. If we are condemned through Adam, one man, thank God we can be saved through one Man, Jesus. Think about it. It is wise and gracious that God allowed Adam to stand for us, so that Jesus, our resurrected Lord, might also stand for us.

  • Have you felt that it was unfair that you are condemned due to Adam’s sin?
  • How often do you reflect on the reality that you have been shown grace through Jesus’ work?

Practice This

Take time this week to reflect on your sin that would have condemned you apart from Adam’s individual sin. Spend time in prayer, thanking God that He was willing to save you based on the work of one Man, Jesus.