Daily Devotional: What God won’t reveal to a rebel


I understand more than the ancients, because I keep Thy precepts. Psalm 119:100


The only way you can really understand the Bible is for God to reveal it to you, and God doesn't reveal it to rebels.

“More than the ancients” is a way of saying “the accumulative wisdom of the ages.” David is saying, “I haven't been off to the university. I haven't studied abroad, but I keep God's Word, and therefore God reveals to me His truth.”

People sometimes can’t understand why they don’t understand the Bible. Well, the way to understand the Bible is to obey the Bible. And the way to understand the verses you don't understand is to obey the verses you do understand.


Keep God's Word, and through it God will reveal His truth. Some of you know what God wants you to do, but you're not doing it. And you wonder why you've come up against a roadblock when you try to read the Bible.