Praying for an Audience

“Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church.”

Acts 12:5

Ponder This

I heard about a young lawyer who just got his degree and opened up his brand spanking new law offices. He didn’t have any clients, but he had his sign out front. One day, he heard footsteps in the hallway and thought his first client was coming. So, he picked up the phone like he was busy. He said, “Hello, yes, no, I’m sorry I can’t, perhaps next Thursday. I have a heavy corporation case coming up on Wednesday but perhaps we can arrange it.” And he put the phone down. By this time the man he heard coming was standing in front of his desk. The lawyer said, “Yes sir, what may I do for you?” The man replied, “Well, I’m from the telephone company and I came to hook up your telephone.” Many times, our prayers are that way—we’re trying to impress somebody else but we haven’t connected with God. The people in today’s passage weren’t trying to impress anybody else. They were desperate. Their prayer was unto God.

  • Would you say you more often pray for God to hear or for others to hear?
  • What might be some characteristics of these two kinds of prayers?

Practice This

Spend time today praying to God. Be honest with Him, sharing your heart and praying for Him—and not anyone else—to hear.