No Retreat For The Christian


There is a story about some of Caesar’s soldiers who were warriors in a ship. They docked off the coast of Britain and planned to raid a small island. The villagers thought they could defend their land.

They gathered sticks, pitchforks, rakes, rocks, and anything they could get. Then they started down the hill to meet these soldiers. They weren’t prepared for what they saw.

The soldiers got out of their boat, turned around and set fire to it and shoved it out to sea. The villagers laid down their weapons and surrendered. Do you know why? Caesar’s warriors had not come to retreat. They had come to conquer or die.

How about you? Have you kept a boat pulled up on the beach? You say, Well I am going to quit drinking, but I am going to keep this fifth of liquor just in case company comes over. Do you know what? You’re setting yourself up for defeat because you are already backing up. The devil has already intimidated you.

What you need to say is, I am going for God. I am going to conquer. I am going to die to self and live for God with all that I am.