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No Power For Rebels

May 24, 2017 Save Article


Do you want spiritual power in your life? Then let me tell you something: God is not going to give spiritual power to rebels. God cannot trust some people with spiritual power.

I’ve often used this illustration: How many of you have ever taught a teen to drive an automobile? That will brighten up your prayer life, won’t it? Now, if you’ve taught someone to drive a car—I wasn’t there, but I think I know this much—you most likely showed them the brake pedal before you showed them the accelerator. And you most likely showed them the brake pedal before you gave them the ignition key. Isn’t that right?

Now suppose that teen says, “Pop, I’m not interested in the brake. Show me how to make it go.” You would probably just take the keys back and put them in your pocket and say, “You’re not ready yet.”

You will never know the release of the Spirit until you know the restraint of the Spirit. You will never know the “go” until you know the “no.” God gives the Holy Spirit to those that obey Him.

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