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Hypocrites...A Backward Testimony

February 28, 2018 Save Article


Don’t let counterfeit Christians keep you out of heaven. Now, why would I make such a strong statement? Because you could let them if you believe the stories their lives are telling.

Let me set you straight. A counterfeit Christian is actually a backward testimony of God’s Truth. You see, people don’t counterfeit gum wrappers. They counterfeit $50.00 bills, $100.00 bills. Why? Because a $100.00 bill is worth something. And every counterfeit Christian that you see is a testimony to the real worth of being a true Christian.

And another thing—don’t ever let a person use a hypocrite as an argument against Christianity. Every now and then somebody tells me, “Oh, there’s some hypocrites in your church.” I say, “Do tell!” A hypocrite is not an argument against Christianity; a hypocrite is a wonderful argument in favor of Christianity. Remember, one of the twelve apostles was a hypocrite. Counterfeit Christians and hypocrites don’t prove what we believe not to be true; they are proof of what we believe is true.

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