How to Deal with Corrupt Authorities

“Let the Lord judge between you and me, and let the Lord avenge me on you. But my hand shall not be against you.”

1 Samuel 24:12

Ponder This

Despite the tension between them, David spoke to Saul with reverence. There was respect. There was reason. There was reliance upon God. David did not vilify his spiritual authority but instead pleaded his righteous cause. What should we, as God’s children, do when we are faced with corrupt authorities? We ought to do what David did. Do you see how gentle David’s spirit was? We must obey God rather than men. If some so-called authority commands you to murder, you can’t murder. If some so-called authority commands you to commit adultery, you can’t commit adultery. But we must be careful that, when we have authority over us, we do not have a spirit of rebellion. Instead, we should have, as David had here, a gentle spirit and a pleading spirit rather than a rebellious spirit.

  • When do you find it difficult to show respect and reverence for the authorities in your life?
  • How might you show reverence and respect while also obeying God rather than man?

Practice This

Read all of 1 Samuel 24. Note the ways David showed respect and reverence to Saul while also obeying God first and foremost.