Do You Want God?

“They fought from heaven; the stars from their courses fought against Sisera.”

Judges 5:20

Ponder This

You know, even the stars have to obey our Lord. In the Old Testament, the Bible says the stars in their courses fought against Sisera. He was a general whose army had 900 chariots going to war against God’s people. Imagine—900 chariots! But God sent such a tremendous rainstorm that his chariots bogged down and he was defeated.

Later when they wrote a song to celebrate the victory, one of the stanzas says “the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.” His kingdom came tumbling down. And ultimately Herod’s kingdom came tumbling down too, for Herod stumbled over a star—the Star of Bethlehem.

Listen to me, the whole universe is against the man who is against God. But the whole universe lines up behind the man who seeks God. Whatever is necessary, God will do it to get the hungry heart to Jesus. If you want Him, God is a God of might and miracle.

Practice This

Some of you may be reading this by divine appointment because you’ve been wanting to find the Lord. God has guided you here. Thank God for the miracle of the stars. Bethlehem’s star was there to guide those wise men. It tells me that whatever is necessary, God will guide your hungry heart if you want to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you ready to receive Him today? Are you willing?