Daily Devotional
Do you live a praying life?


Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17


We are commanded to pray all the time. We’re supposed to pray when adding up prices in the grocery store line. We’re to pray when changing a tire, when singing a song, when teaching a little one how to read.

But how do we pray all the time? Think of a mother who has a child sick with a fever. Finally, the fever breaks and the mother and child settle down for some much-needed sleep. Not a noise from the television, from the street, or from the phone could awaken that mother. But one whimper from her child and she’s awake, right? That’s because even when she is asleep, she is in tune with that child—just as we are to be with God…constantly communing and attuned to His voice.


Prayer to us should be as natural and continual as breathing. Author Jennifer Kennedy Dean asks an important question: “Do you ‘have a prayer life’—or are you living a praying life?” Think about the difference.