Do You Fight Against God?

“They fought from the heavens; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.”

Judges 5:20

Ponder This

Military strategists are still studying Napoleon. He was a great general but full of ego. Napoleon marched against Russia with 500,000 hand-picked men. What an army! As he marched across the plains of Russia, a snowflake kissed his cheek. He brushed it off and laughed. Another came and then a handful. And then bushels, and finally avalanches of snowflakes.

Napoleon’s fine horses reared and plunged and floundered in the snow. His army perished. Before it was over, Napoleon’s finest lay frozen on the plains of Russia. He retreated like a whipped puppy.

Napoleon had boasted, “God is on the side of the heaviest battalions.” And he was right. But he forgot that God puts His battalions in the skies.

The same thing happened to one of Israel’s enemies, Sisera. This time, not with snowflakes—but stars.

Practice This

What are your odds if you stand against the plan of God? The stars in their courses fought against Sisera and Napoleon, and they’ll fight against anyone who fights against God. Get into His Word. Learn His ways so He doesn’t have to send the stars to correct your course. One little snowflake will do. Seek Him from the start!