Deeply Disturbed in the Heart

“Raging waves of the sea, foaming up their own shame; wandering stars for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.”

Jude 1:13

Ponder This

Jude described the actions of the apostate as belching out from the deep recesses, the murky caverns, of his heart, of his soul, in his shame. These people are like raging waves of the sea, deeply disturbed in the heart. They’re not at peace and don’t want you to be at peace either. That’s the reason apostates are so dangerous, and the world is full of them. I have had seminarians and college buddies who became apostates. They studied for the ministry with me. They sat in the same classes with me. These men claimed to believe the truth. But they veered into apostasy. What they once believed, they rejected. And once they rejected, they ridiculed. I watched them, one after another, go down into debauchery of all kinds. There’s something about apostasy, dear friend, that is different from most other sins. This is what Jude was saying. They are like raging waves of the sea. There’s distress. There’s a disquieting in the heart of apostates. And before long they will spew out the foam of their shame. Apostates are disturbed like wild waves.

  • Contrast this description of the apostate person with those who are in Christ in Philippians 4:7.
  • Why are those who reject God unable to truly be at peace?

Practice This

Write out a list of ways God gives you peace in Jesus.

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