Coming Back to God

“By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come.”

Hebrews 11:20

Ponder This

Isaac loved God in his youth but got away from God. He messed up his family, and then came back to God. There are two lessons here. Number one: Never mistake the moment for the man. This is what we see with Isaac trying to bless the wrong son. This was not the true Isaac. The true Isaac was the one we read about in Hebrews 11. When God came to write about his life, God did not write about his life through the lens of his failures. Aren’t you glad God remembers our iniquities against us no more? Aren’t you glad God does not mistake the moment for the man? God knew Isaac loved Him, and Isaac came back to God. That can happen to you too. You can be a person of God and get away from God and mess up your family, but you can also come back to the will of God. Where is He calling you back today?

  • What are some moments from your life that you hope aren’t taken as “the whole story” about you?
  • Where is God calling you back to Himself today? How will you respond?

Practice This

Take some time to journal about a low moment in your life that God used as a means of redemption over time.