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Children Who Honor Their Parents

June 4, 2021 Save Article


Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.

(Exodus 20:12)


We can be children of happy mothers when we follow God’s command to honor our parents.

We first do this by obeying our parents when we are young. Disobedience is a serious sin. It is not weakness; it is wickedness. Disobedience invites the judgment of God; obedience invites the blessings of God.

Second, we care for our parents when they are old. As we care for them, we remember that our parents loved us in spite of our faults; we must love them in spite of their faults.

Third, we honor our parents at all times. We show respect and express gratefulness. Our gratitude blesses our parents more than we could ever know.

Fourth, we honor our parents when we listen to their counsel. Our parents have the advantage of being further down the road of life than us. They love us and have our best interests in mind.

Last of all, we show our parents love, remembering what we owe them. They gave us life. Their blood flows through our veins.

  • How can we continually honor our parents, even as we acknowledge that they have not been perfect?
  • How does honoring the good things about our parents point us to the perfect fatherhood of God?


Take time to honor your parents today in specific ways. If they are living, reach out to them with encouragement. If they are not, take time to thank God for the good ways they influenced and shaped your life.

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