Beware of Those Who Seek to Divide

“These are spots in your love feasts, while they feast with you without fear, serving only themselves.”

Jude 1:12a

Ponder This

The Early Church would meet together for an agape feast, very much like churches do today. Don’t think that’s unspiritual for a church to come together for a fellowship dinner. The Early Church did it many, many times. They would get together for a great feast. They were having a wonderful time, and God’s love boat was just sailing along. What wonderful fellowship, what love, and everything seemed to be so blessed. But then suddenly everything seems to come to a grinding halt and there is a horrible, rending sound, and the old ship of Zion is wounded in her side. What happened? Some devilish apostate had become a rock in the river of love to try to destroy the fellowship of God. I want to tell you, dear friend, that the devil hates the fellowship of God’s Church. He hates the love we have. He hates the unity we have. And he will do, if he can, the worst thing that he could by putting a rock in the river of love so that our boat might run aground. How dangerous is apostasy? It causes division and can ruin the very fellowship of God’s Church.

  • What are some rocks in the river of Christian fellowship that threaten to wreck and divide today?
  • How does unity in Jesus help us avoid these divisions?

Practice This

Is there anyone you have divided with over a secondary matter? Take steps toward reconciliation as you are able today.

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