Are You Taking It Seriously?

Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance.

1 Peter 1:13-14

Ponder This

“Gird up your loins” is a figure of speech found in the Bible several times. The phrase we use today is: roll up your sleeves. It means “Get serious about what you’re doing.”

We need to get serious about being a Christian and living for God. One aspect of that is to have “a single mind.” God values singlemindedness when you are single-minded about Him. You need a laser-like focus in your desire to live for Him—to have your life bring Him glory.

You’ve heard people say, “Don't put all your eggs in one basket.” But I believe Peter would tell us to do just that. He’d label that basket, “Jesus is coming back!”

We need to be single-minded, living with a passionate, burning focus upon His return.

Practice This

What are you doing today in anticipation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? Are you living with the understanding that Christ could return at any moment?