Are You Healthy in Body, Soul, and Spirit?

“…beloved, let us cleanse ourselves...”

2 Corinthians 7:1

Ponder This

You were created to know three worlds—the spiritual, psychological, and material worlds. These can be considered the world above us, the world within us, and the world around us. These worlds are related to the three parts of our human nature—spirit, soul, and body.

When you are rightly related to the material world with your body, you are healthy. When you are rightly related to the psychological world with your soul, you are happy. And when you are rightly related to the spiritual world in your spirit, you are holy. God’s aim is that ultimately you are to experience all three realities: health, happiness, and holiness.

Practice This

Take inventory of your life. Where do you need to start making changes to live a healthier lifestyle? What is your emotional barometer telling you about how you see others and yourself? Do you know of any area in which you are not living in obedience to the call of holy living?