Are You Confessing?

“Confess your trespasses one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed…”

James 5:16a

Ponder This

Most of us are not very good at confessing our faults. We’re pretty good at criticizing our friends, and we’re very good at castigating our foes; but we’re also very good about concealing our faults, right?

To err is human, and to cover it up is too. We don’t want anybody to know we have any faults. But let me tell you something. If you study the history of revival, you’ll find out that great revivals are not necessarily marked with great singing or great preaching, but with great confession of sin—not only to God but to one another. Where God’s people are broken, God seems to move. Think of the things that can take place when we confess our faults.

When we go to our brother and say, “I have sinned against God and I’ve sinned against you, and I want to make that right,” don’t you know, dear friend, that heaven begins to rejoice? The angels begin to sing, because there is fellowship and reconciliation.

Practice This

Is there something God is bringing to your mind right now that you need to confess to Him? Is there a confession you need to make to someone else? When a wrong has been done, there’s no reconciliation until there is confession.