Are you carrying or casting?

Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee. Psalm 55:22

A man was carrying a heavy load of grain down a country road. Another man in a wagon being pulled by a horse saw the man walking. He said to him, “Mister, you need a ride?”

The man with the heavy load climbed into the wagon and sat down. After a while the driver looked over. His passenger was still holding onto it. The driver said,“My goodness, sir, set that load down and relax.”

“Oh, no,” said the rider. “It’s enough to ask you to give me a ride without your carrying this too.”

That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? But some of you have climbed into the wagon with Jesus for salvation, but you’ve never set the load down, have you? You say, “Lord, I can trust You to save me, but I just can’t trust you to carry this load.” How foolish we are!

If you can trust God to save you from hell, don’t you think you can cast your burden upon the Lord right now? The Bible says, “Cast your burden upon the Lord. He will sustain thee” (Psalm 55:22). “Take your burdens to the Lord,” the old song says, “and leave them there.”