All Souls Are Valuable

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

Mark 8:36

Ponder This

A soul is valuable not only because of desirability, but it’s valuable because of durability. What is going to last forever? Buildings are not going to last forever. The clothes we wear are going to disintegrate. Gold and silver will not last. What will last forever? A soul! When God made the human soul, God made it in His own image, and our souls could never cease to exist, any more than God could cease to exist. Our souls will go on—endless, timeless, dateless, and measureless. When the sun, moon, and stars have grown cold, our souls will still be in existence. There was a time when we were not. There never will be a time when we are not. Our souls will exist forever, either in Heaven or in Hell.

The people around us are the most sacred things we will ever see on this Earth apart from the face of Jesus when He comes. There’s nothing more sacred than a soul made in the image and the likeness of God. Think that the person next to you has the potential of being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ, or the horrible potential of spending an eternity in the very pits of Hell.

Practice This

Work to memorize today’s verse to use as a daily reminder of the worth of a soul.

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